Slinging Geese

Christians might look like
The crazy environmentalist
Who yelled vehemently at me and my kids.

He thought because we had a slingshot,
We meant to hurt the geese
(The, as we learned, protected geese).
That’s exactly what it looked like from his upper view:
We had a slingshot,
We were aiming in the direction of the geese, protected geese.

But what he didn’t know,
And didn’t ask or really care to know at all,
Was that we weren’t good aims,
This was our first try out of the new slingshot
And we were just shooting,
Not aiming at all at the protected geese.

But he never asked.
He just started yelling, mean accusations, said he called the cops.

We waited for the cops to come,
To prove our innocence
And clear our name,
But I guess they were busy doing other things.

It’s not just Christians, then,
But anyone decidedly determined to believe what he sees
And forget sometimes, most times
The heart is what matters.


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