Cold Hearted

This is a warning,
This is a diatribe, a rant
Against the cold, frigid air
That blows and goes
Where it pleases,
The cold that stiffens and shakes
The muscles needed daily,
This is an ode to hatred of cold.

And yet,
It’s not that cold even,
Here where it’s hovering around freezing,
Gloves optional, headware optional.

I wasn’t always like this, so cold
Natured. I lived for snow fall
And snow drifts, enough clean, fresh snow
For snow cream
And even as a young adult,
Strolling through the streets, chilled
And having fun,
The cold didn’t invade my space
Like this unwanted visitor
Who will not go away
And whose very presence cramps,
Literally, cramps my style.

I live for turtle necks and scarves
And desire to feel the sun, to see
The sun,
I can’t getting going without the sun
And winter just got here.

I am so fortunate, living in luxurious heat
While many suffer at the hands of this cold hearted cold,
All the workers inundated with warmth seekers,
At capacity
And I am helpless

I just hate the cold.


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