Human Traffick

I come and go as I please
I am virtually, actually
In all ways free.

He pays to become an American dreamer
And if he makes it across treacherous terrain,
Finds treachery in its place.

He spends his days paying off his passage and picks oranges grown in American soil with assault rifles in his face.

I drink orange juice in my heated house and life moves through all the right phases.

She came here to get can education,
Educated instead in economics,
Supply and demand kills little girls souls
One john at a time
30 times a day.
She’s learned the American mottos,
Not the ones I know,
Land of the Brave
Home of the Free,
She knows the hidden sayings
The younger the better,
The Almighty dollar,
Power, the official language.

I go about my student ways,
And contemplate where and when freedom comes.


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