A Challenge

I still haven’t forgiven her,
But tonight I did think differently about the decision she made for me
And one lone class of fourth graders,
Sitting in our same seats, writing
Or reading or math or social studies,
Finishing up something somber, I’m sure.
Some task so important that she
Did NOT take us single file
To the auditorium to watch
The Challenger take off.
Apparently, she didn’t think it warranted missing important fourth grade stuff.

Yet it didn’t take off, with a school teacher and woman pioneer and other crew,
No it blew up
On national television
To the horror of all those kids and teachers and parents and NASA personnel.

When all the other fourth graders came back aghast,
Excited, mortified, talkative,
Well, I hold out hope she might’ve known
One person in our class might traumatically never recover,
You can’t unsee what you see.

Maybe I can forgive her today,
Upon seeing her sternness in a new way.


2 thoughts on “A Challenge

  1. I also take the position of giving the benefit of the doubt to everyone I am able to. This is especially true for those OLD resentments I carry. As they come up (and they always do come up), I have another chance to re-position myself my thoughts/feelings in that relationship, where I missed a lot because I was too young or too immature to appreciate much of what was going on. Thanks for this poet’s reminder of support that it is never too late to change ME…

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